Jens Ekornes - norwegian Designer Of Stressless Furniture

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Ive been intrigued by Scandinavian furniture designs and in the nineteen thirties there is a cutting-edge guy from Norwegian through the title of Jens Ekornes. He began from humble origins but would soon grow his small Norwegian shop that made steel spring components into several manufacturing facilities throughout Europe in half a century time. This short article examines the achievements of Jens Ekornes and the devote Norwegian furniture design.

 Norwegian is situated in what is known Scandinavia featuring its Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norwegian. This region includes a wealthy history that dates back to early Europe. The Scandinavian region was much desired as both a proper land area along with the fishing and farming assets it offered. A lot of us whenever we think about Norwegian may envision pictures of Norse gods or Viking people. Norwegians are similar to us using their own colorful background and traditions and something of individuals traditions is incorporated in the crafting of quality furniture.

 Jens Ekornes was created in 1908 and it is considered a company legend in Norwegian. Many industrial professionals and business owners throughout his time wanted badly to become connected with him due simply to his contacts in manufacturing and retail and also the success he themself had gained through his various endeavors. Jens Ekornes began out his industrial career building steel spring components for bed mattress producers within the mid-30s and be so active in the procedure that he attended industry events to higher know very well what he was building and just how he themself could head to manufacturing their own product. The Svane Bed mattress was created.

 He'd visit the U . s . States in 1946 following the finish of WW2 to understand more about the American manufacturing process and machinery used that permitted for greater cost and quality control. He'd read the manufacturing process and bought machinery he will bring to Norwegian to start manufacture of Svane beds. His need to take a current product making it better would soon be a benchmark for Jens Ekornes.

 He'd still transfer to other manufacturing fields and from around 1947 through 1959 he'd begin building furniture components for other producers. This was a important part of the organization because it started to put the building blocks that Ekornes will have to transfer to creating and building furniture by getting a producing infrastructure in position to support his new suggestions for furniture. For the finish of 1959 Jens Ekornes required an essential step at J.E. Ekornes AS because he started to create foamed plastic. This could become an essential a part of allowing the Ekornes brand. In 1960, Leif Ekornes and Martin Ekornes grew to become co-proprietors inside a joint stock company that will become known as J.E. Ekornes Fabrikker AS.

 1966 marked an essential date for Ekornes using its introduction of lounger furniture. Ekornes brought a hostile campaign because of its items throughout Norwegian by delivering out information known as the Svane News to each household in the united states. This mailer essentially assisted to determine the company identity Ekornes to the Norwegian customers and would place in motion the buying of countless companies to become introduced directly into further develop the manufacturing abilities of Ekornes.

Jens Ekornes was alive to determine the development of what will be the most effective furniture product in the future from his company and would achieve unit sales within the millions around the globe. The Ekornes Stressless chair could be introduced in 1971 and would soon end up being the top selling furniture product within the Ekornes line. This introduction marks the start of the storyline of Ekornes Stressless chairs but sadly raises close of Jens Ekornes the guy.

 Jens Ekornes would perish in 1976. His brother, Martin Ekornes would assume charge of the organization as Boss. Its difficult to state if Jens Ekornes was conscious of the footprint he left on Scandinavian furniture and Norwegian craftsmanship. Time is frequently the real way of measuring our achievements and which kind of impact they've on individuals around us. The legacy of Jens Ekornes continues today with the organization that's his namesake. The business design and success that Jens Ekornes loved is going to be analyzed for many years in building a much better product and discover success through product innovation.

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